This is our land

Een herinnering aan het bezoek in Thessalinika dat ik twee jaar geleden bracht aan de vluchtelingenkampen. Een maand lang ging ik er vrijwillig helpen. Een verslag van mijn indrukken: This is our land.

Un souvenir de ma visite à Thessalinika dans les camps de réfugiés il y a deux ans. Je me suis porté volontaire pendant un mois. Un rapport de mes impressions: This is our land.

Migration is traveling to find dignity (*)

This is our land

by Filip Langenbick-Boey

Two years ago I traveled to Thessaloniki in Greece to help as a volunteer in the refugee camps.

60,000 people are waiting for their permit to enter Europe. In Italy there are 30,000. To date, only 35% of them have been admitted to another European country (**).

I volunteered for the Greek NGO, Antigone and worked mostly with children in the camps (I’m coordinating Clowns Without Borders – Belgium). Thought my volunteering work I got a picture of the life in the camps and captured my impressions in a video work: This is our land.

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